Eyebrow Wax




At RENEW we specialise in meticulous body waxing in our super hygienically clean and comfortable spa. Our waxing specialists are trained to the highest level and are friendly, welcoming and professional. We are quick, discreet and thorough and use the highest quality wax which is abundant with essential oils ensuring the skin is soothed throughout our treatments. Our aftercare luxury balm is enriched with a superior blend of nourishing ingredients.


Waxing encourages finer softer more sparse hair growth over time and is kinder on the skin than any other hair removal methods. Continual waxing minimises hair growth, and regrowth is finer and sparser.



Using high quality speciality wax that sticks to the hairs and not the skin, helping to make the treatment more comfortable.


Classic Bikini - £17


Hair removal in the crease of the leg at the front only, allows you to wear a bikini bottom without hair showing.


Extended Classic Bikini. £22


Hair removal in the crease of the leg, extending slightly onto the pubic mound and the outside of the bikini underneath with shaping onto the bum cheeks Leaving a strip of hair on the pubic mound and labia, hair is removed from all areas including bum crack.


G-STRING - £28



With or without a landing strip a thorough wax that removes every hair from the back, front and outside. Includes bum crack, any noticeable hair on the buttocks, the inner and outer labia, pubic triangle and hair growing from the butt cheeks onto the back of the upper thighs.



Hair removal using our beautiful pearlescent botanical infused wax. Skin is left smooth, soft and sensual with our calming moisture rich after wax balm. All leg waxing includes feet and toes, arm waxing includes hands and fingers if desired.


Half leg - £20

3/4 leg - £24

Full leg - £29

Underarm - £13

Half arm - £15

Full arm - £20



Face the world more confidently by getting rid of unwanted facial hair. Using our specialised Summer Fruit peel off wax which sticks to the hair and not the skin, ensuring comfortable and perfect results. Over time hair growth will be reduced due to our special growth inhibitor ingredients within our products.


Lip - £9.50

Chin - £9.50

Lip & Chin - £14

Neck - £9.50

Cheeks - £9.50

Nostrils - £9

Eyebrows - £12/16





Hollywood/Brazilian & Full Leg - £52

Hollywood/Brazilian & Half Leg - £44

Hollywood/Brazilian & Underarm - £36

Hollywood/Brazilian, Underarm & Half Leg - £59

*Please ask to create bespoke packages*




Feel well groomed, show off muscle definition and enhance your all over appearance with our specialised Male Waxing here at RENEW.

Classic Back - £28

Back, Neck and Shoulders - £36

Chest – top of chest to bottom of rib cage - £25

Stomach – lower rib cage to hips - £25

Whole front – upper chest to hips - £38

Brows - £12

Nostrils - £10

*Legs and arms available on request*


Create your own bespoke waxing package, or for more permanent hair removal please ask about our award winning laser treatments.


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